Past Lab News: 2022

September 2022. Our collaboration with David Balchin and F. Ulrich Hartl on protein folding on the ribosome is released on bioRxiv.

June 2022. A study of the very long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (VLCAD), a collaboration with Loren Walensky,  is published in Nature CommunicationsRead here

March 2022. Two papers from our exciting array of HDX MS collaborations appear in the Journal of Molecular Biology. Read them here and here

Past Lab News: 2021

December 2021. Our HDX MS data are part of a study led by our collaborator Tom Rapoport explaining how the Cdc48/p97 unfolding machine deals with substrates. Read more.

October 2021. Our collaborative study with Elena Klimtchuk, Lawreen Connors and Olga Gursky at BUSM Amyloidosis Center elucidates how mutations in antibody light chains contribute to the formation of amyloids. Read more.

September 2021. We contribute to a new comprehensive review driven by Mike Guttman’s lab at University of Washington about modern HDX-MS. See the article in Chemical Reviews.

August 2021. We are part of an exciting story about how selected features of the apoptosis protein BAX add stabilization. Read more.

April 2021. Our research is recognized by Northeastern University with an Excellence in Research and Creativity Award. Read more.

Past Lab News: 2020

November 2020. Together with Amy Andreotti’s lab at Iowa State University, we complete a comprehensive study of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Read more.

October 2020. See our new review of HDX MS, prepared for the Fundamental and Applied Reviews in Analytical Chemistry 2021 issue of Analytical Chemistry. High res version of HDXMS word cloud Figure 1: as a .PNG

June 2020. In work with Loren Walensky at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, we used HDX MS to investigate the oligomer of BAX, a functional form necessary for mitochondrial apoptosis.

May 2020. Read our review of how hydrogen / deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HDX MS) and cryo-electron microscopy complement one another in the structural analysis of proteins.

January 2020.  A collaboration with Olga Gursky and John Straub from Boston University probed Serum Amyloid A and how it binds to lipids. Read the article here

Past Lab News: 2019-2017

September 2019. Together with Amy Andreotti’s lab at Iowa State University, we show how the PH domain in Tec-family kinases keeps the kinase turned off. Read more.

June 2019. In a collaboration with Tom Rapoport’s lab at Harvard Medical School, HX MS was used to probe substrate unfolding by the Cdc48 ATPase. Full article here.

June 2019. We review HDX MS of chaperones in protein folding. Goes well with previous papers on protein complexes and signaling complexes.

May 2019. Recommendations for performing, interpreting and reporting hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HDX-MS) experiments.

July 2018. We describe how mutations in the main protein of HDL, apolipoprotein A-I, affect protein conformation. This study is part of a collaboration with the laboratory of Olga Gursky at BUMC. Read article here

April 2018. Our paper about how to study protein complexes by HX MS is published. Read the full article here.

March 2018. Isaac Kresse awarded a Barry Goldwater Scholarship. Read more about Isaac and the other Northeastern University winners.

December 2017. Our collaborative study with Tom Smithgall on the HIV accessory protein Nef is published in the Journal of Molecular Biology. Nef conformation changes during partner binding.